An extremely mixed up Native monster of Wüdle Büdle.

Standard Wabba

Strength: +5

Constitution: +5

Intelligence: -2

Wisdom: -1

Charisma: -4

Perception: +1

Dexterity: +5

Magic Wabba

Strength: -1

Constitution: +2

Intelligence: +4

Wisdom: +4

Charisma: -2

Perception: +3

Dexterity: +4

Hulking Wabba

Strength: +10

Constitution: +10

Intelligence: -10

Wisdom: -10

Charisma: -10

Perception: +0



Strength: +.1 for each wabba

Constitution: +.1 for each wabba

Intelligence: +.2 for each wabba

Wisdom: +.2 for each wabba

Charisma: -1 for whole swarm

Perception: +.2 for each wabba

Dexterity: +.3 for each wabba

Standard Wabba

Standard Wabbas have four arms, two heads and one body from which everything sprouts. Their bodies are long with a head and set of shoulders on each end. They move by flipping over and over on their arms and hunt in packs of three or more. Their teeth, while huge, are not very sharp and they rely mostly on their claws to kill.

Drops: Stopwatches and wabba teeth.

Magic Wabba

Magic Wabbas look entirely different from Standard ones. They have only two scrawney arms, one drooping head and a legless body that gets dragged around constantly. It is unclear whether they have faces or not, but they apparently have voices with which to chant shape shifting spells to cast at their enemies, turning them into something random for a rolled number of turns.

Roll d4 for number of turns.

Roll d20-

1 a candlestick

2 a pair of boots

3 an angry kitten

4 a pocket full of posies

5 a pet rock

6 a basket of watermelons

7 a ferret

8 subject is six inches tall in an indestructible jar with air holes in the lid.

9 a genie in a bottle

10 a small hand mirror

11 a funny birthday card

12 a hairbrush

13 an intricate metal music box

14 an iron helmet

15 a bottle cap

16 a door to nowhere, complete with door frame, knob and hinges.

17 a crutch

18 a cute button

19 an angry hamster

20 an angry elephant

Drops: music boxes, magic hand mirrors and genie bottles. Sometimes baskets of watermelons.

Hulking Wabba

Hulking wabbas have two giant arms and a body that doubles as a head. They move around on their giant, fingerless fists and attack with seismic punches to the ground. They like to eat Dedflies and Watermelons.

drops: Seismic spheres


Micro-Wabbas are tiny winged balls found in dark caves that always stay in swarms of hundreds, at least. Their teeth are mildly poisonous, but enough bites can be deadly. When a swarm is near, a high pitched ringing is made by their wings as they fly around in search of food. They flee from light.


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